Monday, September 03, 2012

For the last few weeks our neighbours have been building a deck.  I admire their determination and hard work for taking on such a large task.  Admiration aside, enough is enough!  Who knew there was a whole section at the DIY store labeled “Annoying Tools” with sub categories of “Most Noisy”, “Most Frustrating” and “Most Likely to wake you up at 8am on a Sunday”. 

It’s hot outside and I am a lover of fresh air so like to keep windows open but the moment the power tools come out every open door and window gets closed quickly as the noise is just so frustrating, even to placid old me!  It seems like they have been screwing down wood now for an eternity and there is no sign the deck is close to completion.  What is adding to our pain is the times our neighbour chooses his power tool moments.  It’s either first thing on a weekend morning or just as we are putting the kids to bed up until our bed time.  Nothing like the soothing sound of power tools to ease your kids into the land of nod! 

Enjoying every bit of sunshine before the snowy winter takes over the grass!

Let's just hope the DIY Gods are kind to our neighbours and they finish very very soon! 

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  1. One of our neighbours has industrial type lawnmowers & other garden tools & they seem to go on all day!! You have my sympathy!


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