Monday, September 17, 2012

My family are fab.  They are a great bunch who on lots of occasions give me reason to giggle out loud.  I feel it is only fair to share these comic moments so I will begin with a story my Mum passed to me.

My Nan has just had an operation and my Mum called round to give her a hand and make sure she does not do too much around the house etc.  It's 11.45am and Mum is about to make lunch so thinks a quick cup of tea for Nan, Grandad and herself before she starts would be a good idea.  The conversation goes:

Mum: "Do you two fancy a cup of tea before I start cooking lunch?"
Nan: "No, we normally have a gin and tonic about this time"

You see it's a not just me.  The love of gin and tonic is a family thing.  I am very proud of them and I can assure you that when I reach my 80's, a gin and tonic before lunch will be firmly in my daily routine too. 

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  1. Elyse your becoming a family legend yourself ! Love love love your daft blogs . xx

  2. My grandfather is 87 and has a whisky with his lunch every day! lol

  3. LOL I love your grandparents! They have always been so fun to visit- real Parkinson humor in those two!!


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