Thursday, September 13, 2012

It's chaos around here at the moment.  My parents in law just left to catch their plane to fly back to the UK- we have had a fab three weeks and I am very sad to see them leave.  It's Alfie's first full week of two mornings at preschool and not to dwell too much on it, it was OK but could be better.  Screaming and clinging onto me, begging me to take him to the boring shops with me rather than leave him alone with all these strangers!  We will get there!  Harry's first full week in Grade Two and a wonderful new teacher.  I told you, chaos right! 

Oh and to top it all off, nine years ago today I married a funky, balding, scientist on a sunny day surrounded by friends and family!  Love you chuck.......

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  1. Just a note from the 'in-laws':
    Your husband is a good scientist and definitely a good judge of character. He made a superb choice when he chose you Elyse. And now you are a fab family. Love you all so much (J & M) xxxx


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