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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Since we moved to Canada I have become aware of the dangers of mindless activities.  Its amazing that when you are doing tasks that require little brain power your brain defaults to what it knows best.  In my case its trying to climb into the wrong side of my car! 

It is bad enough that I have had to alter my thinking on which side of the road to drive on, but I can handle that as it takes enough of my brain function to keep me thinking  about it so I stay switched on.  Its when I am not thinking too hard that I open the wrong door of my vehicle and then I have to think quickly to come up with something that makes it look like I was supposed to open that door.  For example, I am just placing my handbag on the passenger seat or as my friend suggested, just checking the glove box for important things!  You then have those awkward few moments where you check around to see if anyone is actually watching you. 
We have all done it.  You do something silly and before you check to see if you have taken the skin off your knee or broken your ankle you quickly check that the coast is clear and nobody is stood giggling at you! 

The best example of this was years ago in a gym.  I was working away on the Cross Trainer, listening to my music, minding my own business.  The young guy in front of me was far more interested in looking cool than breaking a sweat.  He climbs aboard the treadmill and builds his speed up to a ridiculous level.  He sprints away, looking cool, until he caught his foot on the edge of the machine and looses his balance only to be swiftly thrown off the treadmill into a heap on the floor.  This was funny enough but what made it priceless was his actions to try and retain his cool and look like he meant to do it.  He quickly made his was out of the gym and straight out of the door.  Everyone in the gym was laughing, including me.  I know it is wrong to laugh at anothers misfortune, but you would have done too! 

So if you see anyone getting into the wrong side of a car just look the other way and pretend you didnt see, it just might be me!

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  1. I am a little worried about you since you now have to drive on the opposite side of the road. I seem to remember you have 'form' for not knowing your right from your left!!! - Sorry - only joking!!

  2. Very true, its a good job my sat nav shows arrows for which way to go!


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