Season of the Soup

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I know the snow is coming.  The temperature is dropping and the sparkle of the frosty surfaces in a morning are a gentle reminder of colder times to come.  As the fresh cool salads of summer fade from my appetite its big bowls of comforting soups I crave. 

I enjoy making soup and it fits with my mantra of throw nothing away, as a quick rummage into the bottom of the vegetable drawer can always find a few extra ingredients for a big bowl of bubbling soup.  I love how simple things combine to make magic in a pan.  A few onions, carrot, celery with a hint of ground cumin and you have the start of something good to eat. 

I have never understood soup in a can?  It always smells so unattractive when you first open the tin!  The picture on the can makes it look like a steaming bowl of goodness but it always lets you down a bit like fruit tea.  Fruit tea smells so good when you pour on the water, strong and exciting but you taste it and its just hot, mild flavoured water with not much fruit about it! 

Anyway back to soup.  What is your kitchen comfort? 

I love the chase just as much as the result.  I love delving into my cookery books and getting lost in a Culinary World of Adventure and then inspired I turn to the kitchen to create what my books guide me to try.  At the moment its soup.  So as the weather turns colder outside, inside my kitchen is definitely getting warmer!

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