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Friday, April 06, 2012

I am sure all people start blogs for very different reasons.  For me, my little corner of the Internet began life to replace a missing part.  I had just immigrated to Canada from the UK and other than missing 3 prong plugs, Turkish Delights (oh, just thinking about them now......) and bisto instant gravy it was friends and family I missed the most.  I had lost my shoulders to cry on, my sympathetic ears to whinge to,  and my confidence boosters when I was convinced my bum looked big in this! 

My blog has been a good friend and has become a great link between me and my family in the UK.  If you have read any of my comments sections it's my Mum that big ups most of my posts- thanks Mum, your a star!  My blog has changed it's face a few times but I really feel that it looks it's best now and I feel like I have found my blogging feet, so to speak. 

I think as a new blogger it can be overwhelming.  You see so many of your favourite blogs and you steal borrow ideas, themes, topics and styles.  It's hard not to, when reading these blogs is probably what got you started.  You feel you must start thrifting more, crafting more or wearing edgy outfits or doing crazy things you can take photos of for your next post.  I don't feel the pressure to be anything other than myself now and it feels really good. 

So my blogger self is a Mum who likes to cook, eat, make things, giggle lots and drink gin and tonic.  Expect more of the same, I am here to stay, just as I am!

I would like to add that I have borrowed (not stolen, I promise) some amazing images for my blog design from A is for Ampersand.  I enjoy reading her blog a lot, you might too, check it out. 

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  1. Your blogs are ace Elyse. They always make me smile.As your Mum says "you should write a book". You would be great - tales of Liscoeese wouldn't include camping at Pilling and white undergarments by any chance !!!!


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