DIY v Nail Varnish?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I like painting my nails.  Its one of the few girly things that I do.  I don't wear makeup very much and I rarely wear heels, but I like my nails to look nice.  My toenails are always a daring shade but my finger nails are a very different matter at the moment. 

Just some of my DIY plans
I am a do-er.  I do things around the house and garden.  I build things, I rip turf up, I dig, I bake, I cook, I clean.  My hands are either covered in mud or in hot soapy water.  My nails pay the price for this hands on life style.  I apply nail varnish, neatly, carefully and do the base coat, 2 layers and top coat steps.  My nails will look good for about a day and then I start doing my normal tasks and they chip, crack, split, peel and generally I end up scraping half of the nail varnish off.  I hate chipped nail varnish so end up taking it all off, or trying to add another coat of varnish to cover the damage- this fix never looks great! 

I have big garden plans and now the ground is thawing they are taking shape.  My nails have been punished once again and I have come to the conclusion that I just don't live a life that allows neatly painted nails! 

I will just focus on my toe nails- I am very good at keeping those looking good, and at least my neat toes will match my well manicured garden! 

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