Make mine a large one......

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Have you noticed that things are getting smaller?  In my youth (how old do I sound!), Creme Eggs seemed huge.  They took a while to eat.  We bought some for Easter and they are so tiny nowadays!  Now it may be that I got bigger.  My hands and mouth are surely much bigger now than when I was a child, so this could explain why they are now a one bite treat? 

I am sure that most things in the treat category are getting smaller- you must have noticed it too?  I am not into this conspiracy theory malarkey but the makers of said sweet delights are conning us with higher prices for smaller goods! 

On another size related note, we did the drive around with no real destination, to get our youngster to sleep at the weekend, as we knew he had a late night on the cards due to attending a party with us.  We drove around and stopped for some fries (chips to fellow UK'ers).  Hubby decided to make his meal a large one.  Little did we know that apparently with a large meal you need a drink big enough to quench the thirst of a family of 6!  Photo proof below:

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