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Saturday, April 07, 2012

Today, my Nan and Grandad celebrate 65 years of marriage!  Yup, 65 years! 
That's another letter from the Queen! 
The local newspaper has even been round today to get an interview for a feature. 

I am a bit gutted we cannot be there to celebrate with them, but I hope they know we are thinking about them and I hope that somebody who knows how to switch a computer on, shows them this post too! 

Good job guys- 65 years is mighty impressive! 

I hit the Internet for a few facts about the day they married:

7th April 1947

On this day in 1947, Henry Ford, the founder of Ford Motor Company, which developed the first affordable, mass-produced car--the Model T--and also helped pioneer assembly-line manufacturing, dies at his estate in Dearborn, Michigan, at the age of 83.

Another famous marriage on this day:
Ellsworth ("Sonny") Wisecarver, 17, tabloid-trumpeted wolf cub, who at 14 ran off with an unmarried mother seven years his senior ("You take Sinatra . . . I'll take Sonny"), ran off again at 16 with another matron of 25 ("an interlude of golden ecstasy") married;
Betty Zoe Reber, 17, a plump, Mormon high-school girl; he for the second time, she for the first; in St. George, Utah.
(I just love the descriptions above, which were printed in the newspaper.  I should have put something similar on my wedding invites, "Elyse Anne Gardner, 22, a heavy set, butcher girl", just so flattering!)

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  1. Thanks Elyse. I will do my best to let them see your blog tomorrow. I don't know whether Lisca is wiFi or not' but I'll take my laptop. Aunty Vera xxx

  2. I missed this blog post! My grandparents had there 65th wedding anniversary recently too!!


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