New Years Resolution Review

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

In January I posted a New Year Challenge a day, until I ran out of ideas!  I know most people make resolutions and never get started on them or start then fail miserably- I know, I am that person.  I thought a little review of what I said and what I have done might be good for me.  See what I have achieved and see what more I can do to get them all ticked off before New Year 2013!

Here goes....
1. Learn to put eye makeup on
I am getting better at it but I am no expert!  I moved from liquid eye line to gel and brush- what a difference.  I feel in control of it now rather than it being a stroke and hope kind of affair!
2. Try new things with my nail varnish
I suppose this is a fail and a success.  I have taken a break from all nail varnish on my nails as they were in really bad shape.  They were weak and splitting and I decided the naked approach was needed to restore them.  They are still naked and looking rather healthy so maybe a little colour for the summer is on the cards. 
3. Swim more
The pool where we lived opened for the summer and I have been there lots already and plan to keep up the good work.  My kids love swimming as much as I do so it's a win win!  I also bought a vintage looking bright red swimming costume that looks fab and for a change I am not dreading being in public in my costume. 

4. Get back on the slopes
A big success!  We are all on the slopes and not to be outdone by my 3 year old- who is fearless and as long as it's a straight run is fab on his ski's.  In addition to getting back on the slopes I also got back in the saddle!  I have not ridden for years having done it for most of my youth.  I loved it, my muscles the day after did not!  Hope to do it again more too.

5. Get my craft back on
This one is getting there but could be better- must do more craft for myself and with my kids.  i have a few projects up my sleeve so watch this space.

6. Play more board games
I love board games and my and hubby have been playing them lots!  We even bought a new one called Smart Ass- not Arse Hole as I accidentally called it recently!  (Sorry for the crude language, but it made me giggle lots!)
7. Crochet a pattern
Fail!  Not even looked at my hooks for ages.  The garden has been calling me so perhaps once I get planted up I can sit in my nice garden and do this one. 
8. Do an OOTD post
In my defence I feel I am working up to this.  I have posted a few actual picture of me on the blog so I know my confidence is growing but it's just not at OOTD level yet!
9. Start playing my saxophone again
I got it out, dusted it off and it's sat on its stand in the bedroom.  Admittedly I have not played it yet.  Alfie has and he sounded better than I am going to unless I get back into it soon!
10. Take better pictures
In my humble opinion I am doing rather well in this department.  I have been reading lots of tips on what to do and it's sinking in.  I am happier with my photos and am posting more of them on my blog so I am very pleased. 
11. Organise old photos
I will get around to it.  Honestly!
12. Try a recipe I thought was too complicated
We bought a new BBQ so I plan to get this one done with the help of a crazy BBQ recipe.  I have been looking at planking (not the person planking in case you were wondering).  You can get all kinds of planks for cooking here so I am kind of excited I can finally do it.  I have never had a BBQ that has a lid so our new one opens up a whole new world of BBQ experimentation!

13. Eat slower
Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't!  Think this is the story of every busy parents life! 

All in all, I am very happy with what I have managed this year.  Starting a new life in a new Country is a crazy business and I think that setting goals for myself has helped me focus on the good and helped me get established with new friends and new activities.  So my advice if you are moving away from what you know- keep busy!  Oh and drink gin and tonic- this helps with most things. 

How are you doing with you're resolutions?

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  1. Didnt realy make many , but did plan to do a few things and Ive failed in all but learn to be more computer savvy , thats comming along slowly . I wanted to read more .... fail ... I wanted to paint ... fail .... wanted to walk more ... fail ! over all the teacher would say could do better . Love from Nanna Moon . x

    1. There is still plenty of time left to get all of them done! You certainly need to chill, read, paint and walk more- anything to get you away from the cleaning for 5 minutes at least! xxx


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