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Friday, June 15, 2012

Many people love a good motivational motto.  You only have to look at Pintrest and there are pages of them.  They give you advice to live by, date by, eat by and generally get out of bed in the morning by. 

I'm not sure I need a motivation message?  I think of myself as a true Brit in the sense that very little troubles me.  A good cup of tea can fix most of the days issues and one can rely on ones stiff upper lip to seamlessly slide from disaster to disaster looking graceful all the way. This is the very reason, unfortunately us Brits are not too good at sport.  We try very hard and look good doing it but we lack that killer instinct required to finish the job- it causes too much worry! We are just too good at sportsmanship and we forget we are trying to win.  The British are fab runners up, graceful in defeat and able to hold are heads up high, as we tried our best and what a good game etc- but we don't win so much do we?  We like the less stressful path of not being on top. 

Forget sports fellow Brits, just eat trifle!
I am more than happy to come runner up- apart from when competing against the hubby then its all out war to win!  Perhaps it is the British spirit I hold so dear that keeps me smiling when I finish dead last.  I did however see a motivation message that I can relate too and plan to continue to live by:

If you can't be a good example then you'll just have to be a horrible warning.

Need I say anymore?

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  1. Hi there Elyse.Can't take you up on Skype offer as my computer is old & hasn't enough memory!
    Going for a hack round Pilling & Fluke Hall x
    Love to all


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