Monday, June 11, 2012

This is more of an activity of opportunity for kids- playing with large and random shaped boxes! 

We bought a new BBQ and as nothing these days comes ready built, (except cars, maybe) we had  what I affectionately like to call a "F**king Flat pack Night".  Flat pack seems to bring out random swear words in our house, as you drop that heavy piece, scratch that important bit and realise just at the end its on back to front!  Nevertheless we built it and we were left with random shaped boxes and one huge box that was just asking to be a house, a spaceship, a rocket, a plane, a den etc etc!  Hubby looked at me strangely as I took each box upstairs but when Alfie saw what was left for him, his face lit up!  It's a fact, kids love boxes (and so do some grown ups!)

The big shiney BBQ in its box

Just chillin in his PJ's with a bit of TV, in the box of course!

The box den!  Alfie saw me taking piccy so rushed to get his camera too.  Oh and he is a hat man, just loves wearing hats.

I built that den (said very proudly)

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