Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I discovered what is worse than trying to help a silver surfer learn how to use the computer?  It's two silver surfers together after a few glasses of bubbles.  All I could see was the two of them leaning over a computer (noses very close to the screen- must be a glasses thing?), trying to tell the other one what to do. 

The conversation went a little like this:

"Back up, back up"
"Not that one"
"Switch it off then back on"
"I dont do it that way normally"
"Press search, no not that search, this search"
"Back up"
"Press that"
"Hit that"
"Do that"
"Hit the cog"
"Back up again"
"Over there"
"Which one, this one"
"No that one"

I knew it was better to not interfere is this, but grab a pen and write it down- very funny stuff!  I love that my Mum has come so far with her computer and it makes the link between me in Canada and her in the UK so much easier to manage- but she does make me giggle too! 

Keep surfing Mum! 

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  1. Every day Is a challenge on this machine , sometimes I win sometimes it wins , BUT HEY HO on we go laughing and learning . Thank God for the patience of the wonderful Elyse ... The silver surfers saviour . x

  2. Elyse my dear my next challenge is to learn how to sell things on ebay .... are YOU up for the challenge !!!!!!!!!!! x

    1. Hell yes, will be hilarious, sorry I mean it will be my pleasure. Decide what you want to sell and take some piccys first. They need to be downloaded onto your computer xxx


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