Thursday, March 28, 2013

I am loving this project, but have backed away from sharing every spread here on my blog.  I take lots of piccy's each week and some of the images end up on my blog and some in the Project Life folder and I am happy with it that way.  My PL folder was always going to be a special place for family adventures. 
I still plan to share snippets of things I do in my PL folder and especially any new ideas or tips.   
I have been adding a few cartoon style speech bubbles in and am planning a whole week based on a cartoon strip- may need a bit of planning!

I am still drawing and writing on my piccys and am just using black and red thin Sharpies- I love how sticking to the two colours looks on the pictures.

 We had some very special time with family from the UK and I added in a large Design E page to highlight the trips we took.  It makes a nice change to have some large pictures that tell a great story.

 We took a trip to Elk Island and collected some Bison fluff!  I just had to find a way to stick it in the PL folder.  Harry hand drew the Bison too- boys got real talent!

 This is the table chaos at out Ladies Project Life Gatherings each month!  It involves treats, wine and photo chaos!  I tend to have all my pictures in already as I size and print them to go in specific places but use the meetings as a time to draw, write and clip things to the pictures. 

I have added in a few extra, cut down sheets when I have had too many pictures for the week.  I wanted a way to highlight the extra bit rather than people just flipping to the next page without noticing the cut down section.  I took a basic journaling card and cropped it down and stapled it to the edge of the sheet.  It works perfectly and looks fab. 

If you are a Project Lifer too, what are your hints and tips for making it your own?

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