Winter is not quite ready to release it's grip yet and the last few days have seen lots of new, white, bright, clean snow falling in our garden.  With a beautiful blue sky above us we ventured out, lit a fire in my fire pit (yes, it's the inside of an old washing machine- it's great, you know you want one too!) and toasted some giant marshmallows.  Needless to say we had a blast.......

 Nutmeg hinting that maybe she would quite like a toasted marshmallow too....
Just seeing this photo makes me want to go light the fire again- they look tasty!


  1. I SO BADLY WANT A WASHING MACHINE FIRE PIT! No joke. I have always wanted one. They look so awesome. I just need a backyard first... and I need to live somewhere other than a national park. ;)

    1. Good point! Just a shame my washer had to break (just out of warrenty of course- typical!) first- but worth it just for the fire pit!

  2. Wow I want to do this!

    ps. the marshmallow in the bottom picture looks HUGE. I really hope they were really that big :)


    1. Oh yes we buy the giant marshmallows! Not quite as big as my children's heads, but not far off!


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