Friday, July 06, 2012

I realised the other day that I had not plucked my eyebrows for quite some time.  Peering into the mirror I expected a mono brow to be hairily staring back at me (see image below) but in fact very few offending brows resided above my eyes.  This leads me to conclude that eyebrows eventually give up?

I have been plucking my brows since I was about 16/17 years old (lots of gin has been consumed since then so I cannot be entirely sure about the accuracy of that statement!).  The very first time was a nightmare.  I started to pluck and having never been yanked out before they put up quite a fight and after one brow the tears were streaming and I sat sobbing.  I think I was crying with pain but the tears were flowing more at the prospect of doing the other side. 

I like the shape of my brows and when I used to go to the beautician for other preening needs she always complimented me on my shaping skills.  It just becomes normal to remove the offending hairs and the pain gets less each time you pull them out but I think I have finally won the battle- they have just given up!  I didn't ever expect that they had a limited life and if I kept pulling them out one day they would run out or just decided enough is enough.  Oh well, one less job to do- here's hoping leg hair gives up eventually too! 

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