Monday, July 02, 2012

It may seem that I have a bit of a thing for destroying natures leftovers and perhaps I do but it's fun to collect stuff and then slap lots of paint over it. In this case we had stones. Walking the dog along a path soon started a smooth, round stone collection game. My pockets were bulging by the end of the walk and I was struggling to keep my trousers up!
Once home I washed the stones, allowed them to dry and then set up the paint and voila- happy kiddies!

Simply painting the stones is fun but if you like a bit more of an end purpose to your crafts why not make some stone bugs- ladybirds work perfectly! 

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  1. Fab idea - you are a genius with ideas for occupying children. You really should start up some workshops - they would be a great hit. May I suggest wasps or bees next? Bugs Galore!! xxxx


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