Monday, July 23, 2012

You will see below that my children are golfing.  I know I try and make Monday Meltdowns free or very cheap and you are exclaiming that golf is really neither of these things but just give me a moment to explain....

I am not suggesting you rush out and kit your kids out like Tiger Woods but if you golf why not think about getting your kids involved? 
As a parent you make sacrifices to give more of your time to your little ones.  Things you did before children can get put on the back burner and this is no bad thing, it's just a thing that happens.  I started to play golf pre-kiddies and hubby plays too.  We hoped to smack balls around the greens together but it's a big chuck of time to get babysitter cover for the two little darlings so usually it's one of us that gets to golf.  We are keen to do things together as a family so golf it is, for us. 

Why not think about introduction kids into things you did before they came along- and I am not suggesting you take them to the pub for a few drinks. 
Being a parent does not mean a life sentence of soft play area's and trips to Toys R Us...

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  1. If only more parents thought like you Elyse - real family values resulting in two happy, well adjusted and well behaved children. Love the photos too. Love J & M xx


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