Monday, July 16, 2012

Dance like nobody is watching! 

My kids love to dance.  Its super good exercise and it's free and fun- need I say any more!

My childhood was spent at Women's Institute (I must apologise here, My Mum corrected me, they were Ladies NFU Parties not WI!) Disco's in the local Village Hall and with there being only one DJ in the area we were surrounded by the sound of the Birdy song, La Bamba, The Conga and my personal fave Superman!  All of these amazing songs can be found on You Tube and they show you how to move to these impressive songs of days gone by!  Long may children (and grown ups) dance like fools to these classics! 

And I would like to add this little gem- hubby and kids doing it Superman Style!  And yes they are in their pj's!  It was PJ Day in the Chatterton house:

Another personal fave of my kids is this:

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