Thursday, December 06, 2012

I am very proud to be a part of a new company in Edmonton who's aim is to teach people what they want to learn about food.  Real learning, hands on learning, learning about everything you ever needed or wanted to know about food.  It's very cool and very exciting! 

An excellent piece was written in Vue Weekly about Shovel & Fork, here is a snippet:

With an abundance of grocery stores, restaurants and convenient ways to get food besides cooking it yourself, it may be hard to imagine butchering an entire side of beef, harvesting fruit or foraging in the woods, but the team at Shovel and Fork wants to change that.

The crew is commanded by Chad Moss, a professional chef and head instructor of all things culinary-related, and Kevin Kossowan, who spends time documenting the food scene in Alberta on his web series KevinTV and knows a thing or two about growing food and wielding a butcher knife. Teaching alongside Moss and Kossowan are Jeff Senger, part owner of Sangudo Custom Meat Packers and Elyse Chatterton, an expert butcher schooled in a repertoire of Old World cuts. However, the crew is expanding to bring even more food craft skills to the masses.

Check out the full article here

Check out the line-up of courses on the Shovel and Fork Web site

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  1. Wow!!! Our fab daughter-in-law has really made a name for herself in her new homeland - and well deserved. We are so proud of you Elyse - well done!! Love you loads. The Canadians are very lucky to have such a good person living among them, good mother, good wife and good cook. Canada - take note and learn a thing or two from a true professional - our daughter-in-law. xx


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