Sunday, July 20, 2014

I am quickly typing this in between cleaning bathrooms and doing laundry like a crazy lady.  My Mum arrives tomorrow so house cleaning has begun in earnest.  The bubbles are on chill and we will be ready for a fabulous three weeks.  
 The master milk shake maker hard at work.
Breakfast for busy people- just grab a little each time you pass by the kitchen.
Treats from the garden.
 I saw my first hummingbird this week as a watered my garden.  I rushed in to grab the camera only for the little blighter not to make another appearance, but this is exactly where it was.  Not quite as exciting as having a photo of the bird, but I promise it was right there!
 Cheers everyone!

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  1. It's so exciting to see a little hummingbird isn't it! They are so fast and illusive though! When I am outside they kinda freak me for a second before I can see them because they sound like a bee on steroids!

    1. So true, the noise they make is so loud- kinda freaky at first till you realise what it is.

  2. Put that duster and cleaning equipment away!!!! Your Mum is coming to spend precious time with you. Put your energy into the time you have together and let any dust (and I hasten to add there will be none) into enjoying every day of the next 3 weeks. Drink plenty of wine, gin and bubbles. Have a FAB time! Let the cleaning take care of itself!! Love and kisses xxxx

  3. And cheers to you! That sneaky little bird - it's always the way. Have a great time with your Mum :)


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