Friday, July 25, 2014

It has been my aim to get the kids in the kitchen cooking more this summer and not just baking.  I bake with the kids often as it's easy to persuade them to give a helping hand when there is a chocolate covered bowl to lick as a reward for their efforts. 
I have made so many chicken kebabs in my time as a butcher.  In fact I bet my Mum reads this post and has exactly the same kebab nightmare I do!  During the very short (and usually wet) BBQ season in the UK the butchers shop would sell ready made and marinaded kebabs but if the sun was shining we could hardly make them fast enough.  We would have to hide the ones we made ready for the day after or those would get sold too!  

You might be a little daunted about letting your kids loose on raw chicken but just take the time to explain the importance of washing hands and not getting raw chicken everywhere.  I tend to use a totally separate plastic chopping board just for chicken and that makes keeping it under control a lot easier.
My top BBQ tip for using bamboo skewers is to soak them in  water first so they don't set on fire when you grill them.  
We used chicken thighs, chopped into small cubes so they cook easily.  Peppers, courgettes and mushrooms were our veggie choices.  Simply thread the pieces onto the skewers and place them in a marinade.  
Our marinade was chopped spring onions, coriander (cilantro), lime zest and juice and sweet chilli sauce.

 Let the kebabs soak up the marinade for a while in the fridge.
 Another top tip for brushing your kebabs with extra marinade is to only use the marinade the kebabs sat in at the very beginning of cooking.  They have raw chicken juice in there too so only use this when the chicken is not cooked.  If you want to keep basting them at the end reserve some of the marinade before you put the raw chicken in and once everything is looking cooked use a clean brush and baste away.

You could also just use veggies or pork fillet or maybe cut some fillet steak tails up!

So don't be afraid to let the kids loose on the raw stuff too.  I will add that I didn't ask the 5 year old to help with these as he was way to interested in using a skewer as a sword!  Just work at a level you think they can handle and understand.

What are your favourite recipes to cook with your kids?

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  1. Hey
    i like the recipe...looking delicious....much similar like i tried at Tandoori Eh on my london ontario visit last month.
    keep up the good work


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