Thursday, January 10, 2013

There are times when I am organised.  Meals are prepped during the day ready for a few last minute actions when the troops return from work and school.  There are times when I have no idea what we are eating, what we have in and what we can eat- oh and the kids are so hungry they are considering eating the dogs food.  For times like this I have the quesadilla on frozen standby. 

I simply take a few steps when I have the time and a tasty meal can be whipped up in a flash.

Frozen Items- done in advance

* Take a packet of small soft tortillas and freeze them in 4's
* I grate mozzarella cheese and stick in a bag in the freezer

Method- when you have no time and hungry, desperate kids!

1. Take the tortillas out of the freezer.
2. Place a griddle plan on the heat
3. Search in the veg cupboard of the fridge and see what is lurking in the bottom.  Things that I often find include; red pepper, spring onions, coriander (cilantro).  Chop the veg.
4. There is often ham in the fridge or a few slices of pepperoni, chorizo or parma ham- chop into thin strips.
5. The tortillas should be de-frosted enough to separate them.  Place 2 tortillas down and arrange the meat, veg and then top with some of the frozen cheese.  Don't load it up too much, but make sure there is enough cheese to stick it all together.  Place another tortilla on top and lightly oil the outsides before placing in the hot pan. 
6.  Cook on each side until you get golden tiger stripes and gooey melted cheese inside.  Cut and serve.  Alfie likes to dip into tomato sauce, Harry likes to dip into sweet chili sauce. 

Please remember these are not authentic quesadillas in a strictly Mexican way, hence the addition of such things as pepperoni and dipping them in sweet chili sauce!  They are delicious and as my hungry kids devour them I could not care less about authenticity! 

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